Resources in our repository exist in different languages, for different types of materials, as well as for different categories of material.

Thanks to the use of Standards for the storage and description of these resources, they can all be listed from a single access point, as demonstrated here.





Bigram Frequencies
Compute bigram frequencies for a list of words, using a bigram frequency table
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JONES: Journal of Neurobehavioral Experiments and Stimuli
[from JONES' website] JONES is a new kind of journal that allows scientists to share their experiments with the scientific community in a way that has not been possible before. JONES differs from other methods publications in that what gets published is not just a description of the experiment, but files that fully specify the experimental paradigm and stimuli.
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Software for running experiments
List of softwares, with comments and resources, in the lexicall wiki
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Software for participants management
List of softwares, with comments and resources, in the lexicall wiki
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Software for Eye Movement Experiments
List of softwares, with comments and resources, in the lexicall wiki
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Trim Outliers
Of use to cognitive psychologists who need to filter data from experiments. Let you filter out data outside a minimum and maximum value or outside a n SD (standard deviation) window. Click on the web author icon to access compiled version and full documentation.
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Pivot Table
Reproduce the pivot table function found in excel. A pivot table let you explore your data according to predetermined dimensions: for example, reaction times by word lenght, error rates by word frequency, etc. Four different summary statistics are provided for the distribution in each dimension: mean, median, standard deviation, count, etc.
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b-src: Bioinformatics Packages Source Code Search Engine
b-Src is a bioinformatics packages source code search engine by gonzui. b-Src is maintained by Mitsuteru Nakao and b-Src Team in behalf of CBRC Sequence Analysis Team. Please let us know if you have recommended bioinformatics packages to be indexed.
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GraphViz (Graph Visualization Software)

Graph visualization is a way of representing structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks. Automatic graph drawing has many important applications in software engineering, database and web design, networking, and in visual interfaces for many other domains.

Graphviz is open source graph visualization software. It has several main graph layout programs. See the gallery for some sample layouts. It also has web and interactive graphical interfaces, and auxiliary tools, libraries, and language bindings.

Compiled version for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux

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Orange Widgets (Data Mining)
Orange is a component-based data mining software. It includes a range of preprocessing, modelling and data exploration techniques. It is based on C++ components, that are accessed either directly (not very common), through Python scripts (easier and better), or through GUI objects called Orange Widgets. Compiled versions exist for Windows and Macintosh.
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stats R
R is an open source (that is free) software for statistical analysis and data visualisation. It compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS.
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Software for Statistical Analysis
List of softwares, with comments and resources, in the lexicall wiki
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