Different procedures have been set-up to provide access to the resources held in our repository (data, scripts, and documentation).


  • Single procedure for the listing of all resources in our repository, with menus to easily specify the language, the type of material (data files, scripts, documentation, links), or the category of materials.

    (These listings can be requested on the repository page.)


  • Single procedure for the Interfacing of all public access data and script material held in the repository, with the opportunity to define: (a) search criteria for Data files or (b) script paramaters for unix-compatible scripts or programs.

    (These interfaces can be obtained by clicking on the icon on any listing of the repository page.)


  • Text parsers which let you view documentation and link resources in a agreable format, for both the official wiki-web documentation, the unofficial, users' stand alone contributions, lists of pointers to materials posted elsewhere on the web.

    (Unofficial documentation and pointers are accessed from the repository page.)