Thu 2 Feb 2006

Official Launch. Lexicall announced on Linguist List

Wed 1 Feb 2006

Results can now be received by email. Results of more than 500 matches, that are not displayed on screen can now be obtained this way.

The aim of this website is to propose an integrated environment for lexical resources (resources that concern words and their characteristics) and tools for their manipulation.

Simply select Repository in the menu bar above for rapid access to data, tools, and links for lexical resources in various languages.

The tools and methods used to give access to lexical resources in this website are described in a formal publication entitled Lexicall: A web-site for complete and convenient access to lexical resources.

Some more detailed information is available in html format:

  • Resources in our repository exist in different languages, for different types of materials, as well as for different categories of material.
  • Description of the repository tools we have set-up to facilitate the access to lexical resources.
  • Suggested Standards for the specification of lexical resources. Thanks to these standards, any lexical resource can be added to our repository and an interface created to query them at no cost (that is, without any human intervention).